Collaborative Teamwork
Every person we encounter has a story and experiences that are completely unique to them. We respect and recognize that this is what contributes to our one-of-a-kind community and therefore, we focus on instilling in our students the value of compromise, conflict, trust, risk, and problem-solving in an environment that is safe and inclusive.
Continuous Improvement
Good is never good enough for us. At Motus Ninjas, we believe in constantly working to improve on our personal development as well as our programs, best practices, and processes in order to give our customers the utmost satisfaction.
Customer Commitment
Customer satisfaction is the heart and soul of everything we do at Motus Ninjas. We work to exceed all of your expectations with little things that ensure you have a memorable experience with us. We are committed to reflecting our consistency and expectations as well as the excitement for the value we have in each athlete and staff member.
Healthy, Balanced Living
Character is the sum of our habits—that’s what we believe at Motus Ninjas. We are committed to helping the athletes who come to us create daily habits that will be successful and lead to well-rounded lives. It isn’t just about building your physical strength, it’s about building your total strength.
Positive and Fun Environment
If you aren’t having fun and feeling supported, it can be challenging to maintain your healthy habits. We foster the kind of supportive environment our athletes need. The programs we provide are safe, secure, and engaging while encouraging our athletes to have a little fun with it.
Pursue Passion and Find Purpose
When you build your confidence and strength as a Motus ninja, you also discover the skills and talents within you that will give you the courage to unlock all the opportunities in your life.
Ninja Warrior Gym in Lee's Summit
If the image of countless rows of cardio machines puts you right to sleep, we’ve got the fun and challenging way of keeping active that you’ve been looking for! Revolutionize how you work on your fitness with Motus Ninjas—the largest ninja warrior gym in Lee's Summit with additional locations opening soon. Unlock your inner warrior at Motus Ninjas.
Fitness Programs in Lee's Summit
Find a fitness program that emphasizes movement as the foundation of a fit and healthy lifestyle at Motus Ninjas.
Motus Fit
When you were a kid, fitness was just a part of playing. Running around, climbing trees, and swinging off jungle-gyms — it was a natural and enjoyable part of life. Our Motus Fit program resets the tone of working out by making fitness fun again. Reach your movement goals, better your balance, and improve your coordination with simple equipment and bodyweight resistance. Live better through foundation fitness — beginner ninjas welcome!
Motus Fit Health Revolution
Motus Ninjas is proud to partner with Modern Health KC on our new Motus Fit Health Revolution program. We focus on a total health community and participants are able to learn more about their health from the inside out through wellness labs and nutrition advice.
Ninja Activities
We are pleased to host a variety of fun activities in Lee's Summit for the whole family to enjoy!
Open Gym
Maybe you’re looking for more opportunities to hone your ninja skills or just hoping for a unique night out with your partner. Motus Ninjas’s open gym in Lee's Summit is the perfect opportunity to test your limits while having the time of your life. We have daily open gym sessions that give you access to our entire ninja warrior gym!
We offer parties every Saturday for ages 4 and up. Parties can be exclusive or non-exclusive and include playtime as well as time for cake and gifts! Our Party Coaches make the experience fun for kiddos and easier for parents!
Unleash your inner warrior with a Motus Ninjas summer camp for all kids ages 5-12. Camps run during the day from Monday through Thursday and include an open gym pass for Friday.
Field Trips
Our field trips allow your field trip group to be active and engaged both physically and mentally, whether you need a field trip for students, staff members — you name it, we can do it!
Team Building
We have a team building venue that your team will actually enjoy! Work together to overcome obstacles and conquer challenges. Get your team to step out of their comfort zone and enjoy the satisfaction of succeeding together in an environment of support and inclusion!
At Motus Ninjas in Lee's Summit, we want to give the athletes in our classes a way to showcase their hard work and dedication to the sport of ninja! We offer in-house competitions as well as league competitions for our amazing athletes. Our students are welcome to participate in any of our competitions each year.