Ninja Warrior Classes in Lee's Summit

Ninja warrior classes with Motus Ninjas in Lee's Summit is the perfect way to get your warrior on! Inspired by the sensational Ninja Warrior television show, our ninja warrior classes include access to our 250-foot obstacle course! We provide a fun and challenging atmosphere for the whole family to work on their balance, agility, strength, and overall fitness.

Motus Ninjas

Watch with amazement as your child unleashes their inner warrior! Our Motus Ninjas classes in Lee's Summit allow kids to build excitement and pride, all while they master new skills. Our Mini Warriors program is for 4- and 5-year-olds while our Ninja Warrior program is designed for 6- to 15-year-olds.

Mini Warriors

Motus Ninjas’s Mini Warriors ninja classes are the ideal place for the littlest ninjas to develop skills while using up their vast reserves of energy. We design Mini Warriors classes so that these kiddos can have a big adventure with Ninja Warrior obstacles that are their size. Let your Mini Warrior learn to control their body like a true ninja in a safe, structured, and FUN environment!

Ninja Warriors

For Lee's Summit youths age 6-15, our basic Ninja Warriors classes are the perfect way to have fun while gaining strength, balance, coordination, and confidence. Participants feel like real American Ninja Warriors while rotating through stations such as Man of Steel or the Warped Wall and while racing against time on our famous speed course! You will be amazed at their progress as they work to conquer each unique course through obstacle progression and development of their ninja skills.

adult wall training

Adult Motus Ninjas

Don’t feel left out of the fun if you are age 16 and up — our Adult Motus Ninjas group is here to keep ninjas of all ages in fighting form! Rediscover the joy of motion and embrace a new, healthier lifestyle based around the importance of keeping your body mobile. Our ninja warrior classes for adults bring the natural fun back to fitness, all guided by our expert Ninja Instructors.

Homeschool Motus Ninjas

For most public school children in the area, meeting the US Department of Health and Human Services recommendation of an hour of physical activity each day is easily met through Physical Education classes and recess. But what about Lee's Summit’s homeschool kids? It can be a challenge to incorporate the right types of physical activity into your homeschooling plan, so we offer ninja classes specifically for homeschool students in Lee's Summit and surrounding areas! Our homeschool ninja classes give your student a chance to socialize with other kids their age while they hone their fitness and burn off that youthful energy. Homeschool Mini Warriors is for ages 4–6. We also have a Homeschool Ninja Beginners classes for ages 7–17 and an Advanced classes for ages 10–17!