Ninja Warrior Camp: Unleash the Warrior Within!

Summer camp with Motus Ninjas in Lee's Summit is the perfect opportunity for your child to develop the little warrior within! This week-long camp allows them to test their skills on our ninja warrior course obstacles while learning to overcome new kinds of challenges.

Ninja Warrior Camp is for any Lee's Summit kids aged 5–12 years old. Camp is offered throughout the months of June, July, and August and runs Monday through Thursday from 10 am–12 pm.

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What is the Ninja Warrior Camp experience?

Our summer camp activities are led by our trained staff. They will lead participants on obstacles, exercises, and a whole lot of fun! Camp days start off with a dynamic warm-up and an introduction to the day’s stations. Campers are split into 4 groups, at which point they will complete 2 different 20-minute rotations through the stations. Camp activities also include team-building games so the participants are getting more than just a physical workout, they’re learning the value of teamwork and succeeding together with their peers. The days will wrap up with time for open skill work in the facility. On the final day of camp, everyone is given the opportunity to participate in an exciting Obstacle Course Competition!

Cost for Ninja Warrior Camp

The cost of Motus Ninjas’s summer camp is $85 for non-members and $80 for current members (prices vary per location). We offer a $5 sibling discount and the Plus Factor (tier program). 

  • Sign up for one camp= Motus Ninjas Bracelet
  • Sign up for two camps= Motus Ninjas Patch
  • Sign up for three camps= Motus Ninjas T-Shirt

What are the benefits of summer camp for kids?

Kids who participate in our Ninja Warrior Camp get the benefit of developing new fitness habits that will instill in them a love of motion and fitness well into adulthood, but there are many other benefits to children who go to summer camps. They can develop more independence and confidence in themselves by mastering new skills. Being encouraged to try something new, even when it’s challenging, teaches them resilience and Motus Ninjas’s focus on teams will show the value of teamwork. Camp with us also gives your child the benefit of time away from screens! And of course, your child has an opportunity to meet new friends in Lee's Summit. You really can’t go wrong with Ninja Warrior Camp!

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