Field Trips in Kansas City at Motus Ninjas

If you’re trying to find a unique and action-packed field trip in Kansas City, Motus Ninjas is the place to go! Our highly-trained and energetic staff is here to provide a field trip experience you cannot find elsewhere. Whether you’re with a daycare, a school, after-school program, camps, or any group at all, a field trip to Motus Ninjas provides an exciting time for everyone!

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A new kind of field trip idea

There is value to be found in all kinds of field trips—whether to a local farm, a museum, or our incredible facility. The specific value we bring to your field trip is the ability for participants to be active and engaged, using brain and brawn to complete obstacles and challenge themselves. We provide a safe environment for everyone to let loose and work up a sweat in ways that will remind them just how fun it is to keep fit! Through conquering our obstacles, your field trippers will build their confidence and self-esteem while benefiting their physical health as well.

How the field trips work

Safety is first at Motus Ninjas, so upon entry, everyone on the field trip will watch a safety video that will instruct on best practices for fun times at our facility. During your field trip, one of our staff members will run a speed course and time through the obstacles. Other staff members will be on hand to assist participants on obstacles and offer guidance when needed.

Kids camp

Safety rules and guidelines for field trips

If you book a field trip at any of our Kansas City area locations, there are a few things that you will need to know so all of your participants will be prepared to have the most possible fun. A staff member will be sure to brief you on everything again when you book, but we have the following basic rules everyone must follow:

  • All party participants must watch the safety video
  • Participants have to pass off on the Walls before they can move on to other obstacles
  • No children under the age of 4 are allowed on the obstacle floor
  • Children under the age of 6 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian
  • No use of fitness equipment, except for the treadmills
  • Participants must warm up properly prior to attempting obstacles
  • Only one participant on an obstacle at a time
  • Stay within your abilities—a field trip isn’t the time to accidentally hurt yourself!
  • Proper technique must be used when descending from the Walls and kids area
  • No lounging on the obstacles—they’re meant to be conquered!
  • No climbing on the truss or padded poles
  • No tag, chase, or hide and seek in the facility
  • No gum, food, or drinks on the obstacle floor
  • Be respectful and safe!
  • No bullying or negativity permitted
  • Have fun!

As an additional safety measure, we have a few dress code requirements participants are required to follow. They include:

  • Clean athletic shoes required, no bare feet
  • Athletic clothing is needed
  • Mid-section must be covered by clothing
  • No dangly accessories that could be caught
  • No pants with metal buttons
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