Motus Ninjas in the Kansas City Area

For more than a year now, Motus Ninjas has been the largest ninja gyms in the Kanas City area. Kids and adults alike have unleashed the warrior within and learned exactly how fun and exciting it can be to improve their health and fitness with us! If lifting weights or running long distances isn’t your cup of tea, give us a chance to show you that there are other ways of keeping in shape. Unleash your inner warrior with us in Kansas City!

Our Philosophy

At Motus Ninjas, we believe that movement is the foundation of any healthy lifestyle. We want to remind people of how they stayed fit as kids—by running, jumping, climbing, and playing. It was a natural and easy part of our lives. As we grow older or have more expectations put on us, it can be hard to find the time or the imagination to exercise in ways that are fun and engaging. That’s where we come in! Our unique and energetic atmosphere makes working out fun again—remember what it was like to be breathless with exertion AND laughter as you race through our speed course. 

Motus course obstacles