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Visit our Parent Portal to sign up for your kids or yourself. The Parent Portal is an easy to use tool with your unique profile, release forms and up-to-date class avaliablity and schedules. Click to learn more about what is offered at each facility. 


725 NW Commerce Dr, Suite X
Lee's Summit, MO 64086

(816) 600-0195

1. Select the Parent Portal above.

2. Create a new account and log in to the portal if you are new to Motus Ninjas.

Enrollment- Step 2

3. Once logged in, select the “Students" tab on the left-menu bar.

Enrollment- Step 3

4. Add student information and then select “Enroll in classes”.

Enrollment- Step 4

5. Use the filters at the top to narrow down the class section. On the left you will see if a class is open or closed. On the right will be the option to submit a trial request.

Enrollment- Step 5

6. Once the class has been selected, click the “Submit Request” button.

Enrollment- Step 7