Team Motus—Working Together to Accomplish More

Become a true ninja warrior by joining Team Motus! Train your way to the ninja warrior competitions with our fun and exciting program. Through Team Motus, members are able to meet kindred ninja spirits who share their passion for fitness, movement, and overcoming challenges. Improve your health and have the time of your life doing it!

Team Motus practice schedule

Team Motus practices Tuesday's and Thursday's from 5 pm–6 pm in Lee’s Summit

Practices include an instructor-led warm-up that usually lasts about 5 minutes. Once everyone’s got their blood pumping a little, team members will move into the first station and rotate through them all. Each Team Motus practice is wrapped up with a team exercise or challenge.

Who is Team Motus for?

Team Motus is for people who are dedicated to the sport of ninja. Team workouts focus on technical skill building, strength, and endurance. At each station, team members work harder obstacles and focus more in-depth on skill-building. Team members also go through more rigorous conditioning than our other ninja classes, they are dedicated to 1-hour workouts 2–3 times every week. The only requirement we have is to be 8 years or older (unless you are invited to join). Beyond that, if you want to be a competitive ninja you are welcome to join! Most competitions are open to individual students, but there are some that require membership to a team.

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Take charge of your fitness and find a home with others who share the interest! Reach your full ninja warrior potential with Team Motus!

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