Ninja Camp

Summer camp with Motus Ninjas in Kansas City is the perfect opportunity to develop the ninja within your child! This week-long camp allows them to test their skills on our ninja obstacles while learning to overcome new kinds of challenges.

Ninja Camp is offered through the months of June, July and August for kids aged 6-12.  Camp runs Monday through Friday from 10am-11:30am.  See following flyer or visit the Motus Ninjas Parent Portal for specific info and dates.

What is included in the Ninja Camp?

Participants in our summer camp will be led by our trained staff on obstacles, exercises, and a whole lot of fun.

Each day of the camp begins with a dynamic warm-up and introduction to the day’s stations. Campers will be training speed, agility, coordination, strength and obstacles. Our gym is set up in 4 areas of Focus, the gripo section, Dark Kinght(skill develoepment), Speed, walls and the Man of Steel(course connection). Camper will rotate through each section, along with some ninjas games, challenges and open gym time.

Every Friday of the camp week, everyone is given the opportunity to participate in an exciting Obstacle Course Competition! The Competition will be consist a combination stages and skill comps.

Camp Instructors

What are the benefits of summer camp for kids?

Kids who participate in our Ninja Camp get the benefit of developing new fitness habits that will encourage them to actually enjoy exercising well into adulthood, but there are many other benefits to children who go to summer camps. They can develop more independence and confidence in themselves by mastering new skills. Being encouraged to try something new, even when it’s challenging, teaches them resilience and Motus Ninjas’s focus on teams will show the value of teamwork. Camp with us also gives your child the benefit of time away from screens! And of course, your child has an opportunity to meet new friends from the Kansas City region. You really can’t go wrong with Ninja Camp!