Welcome to our Motus National Ninja League

This will be a Course Qualifier Competition for the Heartland Region. Athletes in all divisions that finish top 3 for their age division and gender will qualify for the Regional Championships (Date: TBA)

Have fun and let's Send It!

Motus NNL Competition 12/12/21 (Sunday)

Format: This will be a 10-15 obstacle course. The competitors' run will end when they finish or fall on the course. If there is still time remaining, the competitor may continue on the course, but this will not count towards the offical run.

Age groups:

Kids 6-8: 8AM 

Mature Kids 9-10: 8:45AM

Preteen 11-12: 10:30AM

Teens 13-14: 11:15AM 

Young Adults 15-17: 1:30PM 

Masters (40+): 2:15PM

Adult (18+): 3:15PM

Elite: 4:30PM 

*Arrive 20 minutes ealry

*Age as of 2/21/22. All divisons will be divivded Male and Female.

*Only 1 certified NNL Coache will be allowed on the floor during a competitor's run.



Max Number of Ninjas per session:



Medals for Top 3 in Non-Elite Divisions

Elite Prize Money:

1st: $100 (Prizes will increase depending on number of competitors)

COVID-19 Regulations

  • Limit on wave sizes
  • Everyone (over the age of 5) must wear a mask at all times EXCEPT when running the course.