Motus Competition Series 6/6/21

Motus Competition
Motus Ninjas Competition

Age groups:




Adult (16+)

Pro (16+)

*Age as of comp day. All divisons will be divivded Male and Female.



Max Number of Ninjas per session:


The competition will consist of 2 Stages and 2 Skills Challenges to determine the Grand Champion!

Stage 1: This stage will have a time limit of 2 minutes and ninjas will accrue points until they fail or complete the course. Ninjas will be allowed to finish out the course with the allotted time but will not accrue points after a fail. 

Stage 2: This stage will have a time limit of 3 minutes and ninjas will accrue points for each obstacle completed and will get bouns points for a perfect course completion. 

Skills comp will be announced the day of the competition. They will range from 20-30 seconds. 

Competition Point Breakdown:

Each Stage and Skill Challenge will be given a point value.

Stage 1: 20pst

Stage 2: 20pts

Skills 1: 10pts

Skills 2: 10pts

*If there is a tie for Grand Champion, the tie breaker will be the most points on stage 1, then the fastest time.

Awards will be given out for the top 3 for each event and the Grand Champion.