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Ninja & Obstacle Course Training Gyms Across Kansas City

Are you looking for a new, fun, and challenging way for your entire family to keep active and stay healthy? Revolutionize how you work on your fitness with Motus Ninjas! We are the largest ninja and obstacle course training gym in the Kansas City area with a facility in Lee’s Summit, Missouri and a brand new location in Overland Park, Kansas. Jump, swing, climb, run, and fly over to Motus Ninjas!

The Core Values that Drive Us

Being a ninja is about more than just physical fitness. At Motus Ninjas, we believe in building the entire person—inside and out. That dedication is reflected in our 6 core values.

Collaborative Teamwork

Every person we encounter has a story and experiences that are completely unique to them. We respect and recognize that this is what contributes to our one-of-a-kind community and therefore, we focus on instilling in our students the value of compromise, conflict, trust, risk, and problem-solving in an environment that is safe and inclusive.

Continuous Improvement

Good is never good enough for us. At Motus Ninjas, we believe in constantly working to improve on our personal development as well as our programs, best practices, and processes in order to give our customers the utmost satisfaction.

Customer Commitment

Customer satisfaction is the heart and soul of everything we do at Motus Ninjas. We work to exceed all of your expectations with little things that ensure you have a memorable experience with us. We are committed to reflecting our consistency and expectations as well as the excitement for the value we have in each athlete and staff member.

Healthy, Balanced Living

Character is the sum of our habits—that’s what we believe at Motus Ninjas. We are committed to helping the athletes who come to us create daily habits that will be successful and lead to well-rounded lives. It isn’t just about building your physical strength, it’s about building your total strength.

Positive and Fun Environment

If you aren’t having fun and feeling supported, it can be challenging to maintain your healthy habits. We foster the kind of supportive environment our athletes need. The programs we provide are safe, secure, and engaging while encouraging our athletes to have a little fun with it.

Pursue Passion and Find Purpose

When you build your confidence and strength as a Motus ninja, you also discover the skills and talents within you that will give you the courage to unlock all the opportunities in your life.

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