A Team Building Venue Unlike Any Other

If you’re looking for team building activities to help you grow with your team in a fun, challenging environment, look no further than Motus Ninjas gyms in Kansas City. Our unique team building venue gives you the opportunity to overcome obstacles together.

How does team building work at Motus Ninjas?

Our high-qualified crew will facilitate your team building activities. We bring you a challenge and provide you with the tools to conquer it. In our energetic and fun environment, your team will have the opportunity to safely step out of their comfort zone, think outside the box, and feel the satisfaction that comes with succeeding together. Our team building venue is open to teams of all kinds—from teachers to small companies to corporate groups, and beyond.

Team Building

Team building activities tailored to your needs

We focus on making your team work better together and structure the activities around whatever your focus is. Whether that’s collaboration, continuous improvement, teamwork, or something else—just let us know what you want the emphasis to be when you book your team building event. We’ll take care of the rest! While the activities are made specifically for your team, our team building activities do follow a general schedule:

  • Dynamic warm-up and introduction
  • FEAR - Warped Wall activity that challenges your team to face their fears
  • Collaborative teamwork games
  • Back to the Warped Wall - can you overcome your fear and get higher?
  • Open play - enjoy what our facility has to offer!
  • More collaborative teamwork
  • Finish the day off back at the Warped Wall where your team will be challenged to truly conquer it!

Why does team building matter?

Team building activities are about a lot more than just encouraging everyone to get along. Through developing teamwork skills through our fun and exciting activities, you will find there are a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Improved productivity through team members learning to work together more efficiently
  • Increased motivation through the improvement in confidence in the team as a whole
  • See more collaboration as your team learns more about each other through completing obstacles together
  • Improve your team’s communication through their need to work together to succeed in the challenges we will put before them
  • Encourage creative thinking as the team works together to determine how to succeed