A Party Venue for Ninjas

Every Saturday in Kansas City is a party day at Motus Ninjas! We host parties at our Kansas City area gyms for all occasions so anyone aged 4 and up can discover their inner ninja. From overcoming obstacles to racing on our speed course, a ninja warrior-themed party will make for a birthday like none other! We have both exclusive and non-exclusive party options.

Exclusive birthday party options

Feel like the king of the warriors with an exclusive party at Motus Ninjas! Our exclusive parties include an hour and 15 minutes of playtime and 30 minutes for cake and gifts. Exclusive parties are so exclusive that we only offer them at 11 am on Saturdays, so be sure to get booked! The cost of an exclusive party is $350 (plus tax) for 1-15 people and $15 for each additional person. The cost covers everything from set-up to clean-up and includes cake, paper goods, drinks, goody bags, and a party coach! A $100 minimum deposit is required at booking (prices may vary between locations).

Non-Exclusive birthday party options

If exclusivity is not your thing and you want to show off your ninja warrior skills in front of more people, we offer non-exclusive parties Saturdays at 1 pm, 3 pm, and 5 pm. The non-exclusive parties also offer 1 hour and 15 minutes of playtime and 30 minutes for cake and gifts, plus they come with all the same great perks as the exclusive parties—cake, paper goods, drinks, goody bags, a party coach, and not having to worry about set-up or clean-up—for $250 (plus tax) for a total of 1-15 people in the party, and the same additional cost of $15 for any additional party-goers. Non-exclusive parties share the facility with open gym participants. A $100 minimum deposit is required at booking (prices may vary between locations).

Party add-on options

Party add-ons for either type of party include:

  • Motus Bracelets $1.50 per person
  • Additional playtime for the party at $5 per hour
Birthday Party Fun

Unlock Your Inner Warrior

Combine your passion and dedication into a set of Ninja skills.

A party venue unlike any other!

At Motus Ninjas, we provide a truly unique experience for all of our party-goers. One of the biggest benefits of having your party with us is that we provide a Party Coach who will make everything a breeze. The Party Coach creates an environment that is safe, fun, and energetic for everyone! In addition, they’re a big help to parents. They lead the guests from the play area and get a group picture of everyone in front of the Warped Wall, then they cut and pass out cake. They even keep track of the gifts for the parents and help them carry gifts out once the party wraps up. It’s an all-inclusive, incredibly fun time for all!

Safety Rules and Guidelines

The best ninja warriors know that it’s best to play it safe, and that’s why we want to make sure everyone gets to have a good time by implementing a few rules for safety.

  • All party participants must watch the safety video
  • Participants have to pass off on the Warped Wall before they can move on to other obstacles
  • No children under the age of 4 are allowed on the obstacle floor
  • Children under the age of 6 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian
  • No use of fitness equipment, except for the treadmills
  • Participants must warm up properly prior to attempting obstacles
  • Only one participant on an obstacle at a time
  • Stay within your abilities—a party isn’t the time to accidentally hurt yourself!
  • Proper technique must be used when descending from the Warped Wall and kids area
  • No lounging on the obstacles—they’re meant to be conquered!
  • No climbing on the truss or padded poles
  • No tag, chase, or hide and seek in the facility
  • No gum, food, or drinks on the obstacle floor
  • Be respectful and safe!
  • No bullying or negativity permitted
  • Have fun!

Party dress code

As an additional safety measure, we have a few dress code requirements participants are required to follow. They include:

  • Clean athletic shoes required, no bare feet
  • Athletic clothing is needed
  • Mid-section must be covered by clothing
  • No dangly accessories that could be caught
  • No pants with metal buttons